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Chitalmari incident: What does the attack on the workers’ house and the accused made an accused indicate?

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On reaching the spot on October 25, marks of attack were visible on three houses including Wahid Sheikh’s house. Ax marks were seen everywhere on the doors and windows of the house and on the metal fence. The wooden windows were broken by the sticks. The marks of attack are clearly visible even inside the house. Beds, refrigerators, cabinets, fans, utensils – everything was broken. A large rainwater reservoir in front of the house was also destroyed.

Accused number 7 in the case, Tanveer Sheikh of Kananchak village told Prothom Alo that Awami League people were already threatening him for attending the BNP rally in Khulna. Apart from this, he was also repeatedly threatened for posting a picture on Facebook recently. Due to this, he complained about the matter to an elder of Chhatra League leader Mahbubur. Angered by this, Awami League people beat him and his uncle in the market on the evening of 10 October. He was later locked in the market and his father’s office was ransacked.

Attacks on opposition party workers and filing cases of absenteeism against them are nothing new. During the recent strike the number of such cases increased manifold. But what happened in Chitalmari of Bagerhat shows the grave lack of rule of law.

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