Chitrangada Singh to produce a film on hockey

12-chitrangada-singh_138734961600Bollywood actress Chindrangada Singh revealed her plans of producing a sports film. The actress said: “I will soon be producing a film on hockey. While we did have a ‘Chake De India,’ we do need more good films on sports,” said Chitrangada.

“Being fit is something you do for yourself whereas being thin is what you do for others,” said Chitrangada. “People workout to look good at a dance or a party,
but very few people take a larger goal in fitness,” added the actress.

Coming from an army background the actress vouches for sports and regular fitness regimes.

“My dad was in army and hence as a child I was always involved in some sport or the other. I suggest all women, and of course men, should take up a sport. When one takes up a sport it keeps them stronger and fitter for a longer time, and being fit changes your lifestyle for good.”

Encouraging the youth to dream big, the actress said, “It is important youngsters dream big, but at the same time it is important that they are realistic.

“Also disappointment should not effect ones goals. One gets to hear a lot of no before getting to hear a big yes.”

source:dhaka tribune

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