Chittagong should be renamed as Chatgram?

After gaining independence from the British colonial power, the US authority decided to drive cars on the right side of road. Simply because, the British drives it on the left side. It’s a way to express dislike towards colonial power.

The British ruled India for about two hundred years. They spelled many places according to their whim, which was not liked by the Indians. In many cases pronunciations were changed also.

But now many names are changed. The spelling of Dacca was changed, now it is Dhaka. There are some other examples in India, West Bengal to Pahchim Banga, Calcutta to Kolkata, Bombay to Mumbai.

Now the Chittagong Samity general secretary Sayed Nurul Islam thinks Chittagong should be renamed as Chatgram.

He said this yesterday at an iftar party of Chittagong Samity. He also said the Samity has passed a proposal and they will send it to the government. He also urged the media to popularize the name Chatgram.

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