Clash between Awami League and BNP in Barishal before national elections

Clash between Awami League and BNP in Barishal before national elections

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Sadiq Abdullah faces a challenge in politics after failing to get nomination for the post of Mayor.

Now, he is projecting himself as a contender for the Parliament elections from Sadar constituency to retain his post.

Under this, he is bringing his supporters into the leadership of major organizations, organizing the party and campaigning on social media.
Party sources said that the process of fielding a candidate against Zahid Farooq started after Eid-ul-Azha. Former police officer Mehboob Uddin Ahmed Bir Bikrom suddenly organized a feast with Awami League leaders and workers on the night of Eid.

Top leaders of the City Awami League, including Sadiq, attended the feast, while Zahid Farooq and newly elected Khair Abdullah were not invited.
Sadiq Abdullah reportedly had the support to bring Mehboob Uddin into the scene. However, Sadiq Abdullah came forward as seeking nomination.

Party leaders and workers said Sadiq Abdullah was absent in Barishal after failing to secure nomination in the city elections. After two and a half months, he returned to Barishal on 22 June with Jubo League president Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash. Under his leadership, a big procession was taken out in Barishal city on the occasion of the foundation anniversary of the party.
However, newly elected Mayor Khair Abdullah and his supporters were not at the event.

Sadiq hugged his uncle Khair Abdullah after Eid-ul-Azha prayers, but he did not exchange greetings with Minister of State Zahid Farooq.

Khair Abdullah called for the nomination of Zahid Farooq from Sadar constituency at an event commemorating the deaths in the August 21 grenade attack and on the occasion of National Mourning Day. The chief guest at the program was the Minister of State for Water Resources. Both expressed their commitment to work together for the development of Barishal.

Abul Hasnat Abdullah’s stronghold was completed after the death of former mayor and city Awami League president Shaukat Hussain Hiron in 2014, party sources said.

At that time Shaukat’s supporters were surrounded. When Zahid Farooq became a Member of Parliament in 2018, those leaders and workers supported him. In this a separate group came into existence. This group worked in favor of Khair Abdullah in the city elections, resulting in conflict with the Awami League.

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