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Close Up one singer Abid died

Young singer Abid has been killed in an accident in Cox’s Bazar yesterday. Abid is known as a “Close Up one superstar”. He went cox’s Bazar with a 40 member team of Matra advertising. At 6 pm (yesterday), 7/8 members of that team was playing cricket in Cox’s Bazar sea beach. Suddenly the ball went into water. Abid, Muttakin and Ashik went into water to bring the ball from water. Suddenly a tidal wave push the ball in deeper water. Three person went into deeper water. Then another strong tidal wave pushed them into deep sea. After three minutes another wave brought back them into beach. After then, their members tried to clear out waters from Abid’s belly. They admit him in a hospital but doctor could not save the life of this promising singer.

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