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Clubs Salahuddin accuse of bias

The Bangladesh Football Federation President Kazi Salahuddin was of top clubs train to increase foreign players quota for the upcoming Bangladesh League hit.

The move is considered an act of the Biasness on certain clubs instead of a real intention to increase the standard of the game in Bangladesh.

Reporter said Saturday, Salahuddin, that it already the League Committee to increase the quota of foreign players from four to eight clubs to at least five players in a game box has instructed.

Insiders said Salahuddin raised his voice in particular in favour of Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club, their City Council for the forthcoming elections of BFF tainted the Reigning champions, who have already publicly announced to him.

Jamal, who lost most of their local players to other clubs, three foreign players have registered, and if the new rule is not changed, and changes, the only one they able to be to sign more foreign players.

You have to Jamal an other local giant Dhaka Mohammedan SC in their side have a bad collection of local actors and is strong on foreign players leave they want to make an impression of this season.

But most other clubs felt us cheated with the move as they have completed, that their plan is based on the rules and regulations adopted in the rules of procedure for the new season the League Committee.

In the face of widespread criticism for an unusual amount of foreign players by some clubs in the last season of Bangladesh League fielding the League Committee has decided to gradually reduce their quota in the coming years.

The Committee has already approved 2012-2013 the statutes for the season, and be the number of foreign players to three per club.

“We are always the team based on the number of foreign players allowed.” We hire local actors in relation to, and then go to foreigners, “said MFS Manager Satyajit Das Rupu.

“The player transfers have already begun and we act accordingly, the.”

Now if the BFF repeatedly changes the quota of foreign players it is always difficult to each plan chalk “he said.”

“I join the debate if it is really necessary to increase the quota of foreigners.” But if Salahuddin Bhai feels it necessary he should be the decision before, not at this stage ‘ Rupu, also a member of the executive Committee of BFF added.

Union Manager Amer Khan said that often changed upper official rules in favour of a particular Club, will destroy it only Bangladesh football brothers.

“it increased the quota of foreign players last season to promote a Club [Mohammedan] and when they do to another Club, this time I see a very bright future for our football,” he said.

Jahangir Alam, the Manager of Sheikh Russell KC, echo the same thought.

“We welcome foreign footballers always quality.” But if you frequently modify the rule some clubs always their chance and field takes low-quality foreign players, “he said. ‘” The BFF should have a permanent policy. Whimsical decisions can be very harmful ‘

Abdus Salam Murshedi, Vice-President of the BFF and Chairman of Committee League, indicated they follow the instructions of Salahuddin and increase the quota of foreign players.

“He has some valid points obviously.” If we allow the clubs field four foreigners and register as many player sometimes it seems is not that to be fair to you, “he said.”

“The players injured or suspended.” So, we can increase quota of foreign players clubs. But I can assure that we not more than four players in a game is possible “, he said.”

Source: newagebd.com

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