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Controversial two finger test for rape victims

two-finger-testBangladesh high court has recently show caused the authority on ‘two finger test’ conducted on rape victims. Medical examination for rape victims is aimed to determine whether she was raped or not. Sometimes consensual sex is also claimed as rape case.

But the law and other procedure to get justice in the male dominated world is always against women. These procedures cause another trauma for victim after rape.

Few months ago there was a report on a Bangla daily that Dhaka Medical College forensic department don’t give any privacy to rape victims during the medical examination. Male doctors do the examination. Victims are asked to undress in front of male doctors and his assistants.

There needs an accepted procedure for the medical examination. Two finger test is a procedure still used in Bangladesh. It was adopted in the UK for virginity test of the migrant females. But it was abandoned due to intense criticism.

A doctor inserts two fingers into victim’s vagina to check whether she is virgin or not. If she is not, then doctor tries to determine whether it was consensual sex or not; or if she is habitual to sex. But problem is no one has right to rape any woman even if she is habitual to sex.

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