CPI 2022: Global and Bangladesh's dismal performance

CPI 2022: Global and Bangladesh’s dismal performance

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The trend analysis from 2012-2022 shows that Bangladesh has lost one point and Sri Lanka two points. Afghanistan has gained sixteen points, Bhutan six, India four, Maldives four (2017–2022), Nepal seven and Pakistan none. Bangladesh has the third lowest of 31 Asia-Pacific countries, bettered only by Afghanistan (24), Cambodia and Myanmar (23) and North Korea (17). If the current trend continues, Bangladesh has the potential to fall to the very bottom of South Asia.

Denmark topped the list with a score of 90, followed by Finland and New Zealand (87), Norway and Singapore (84), Sweden (83), Switzerland (82), Netherlands (80), Germany (79), Ireland . and Luxembourg (77), Hong Kong (76), Australia (75), Canada, Estonia, Iceland and Uruguay (74) and Belgium, Japan and the UK (73).

A US score of 69 is inconsistent with its perceived global influence. China (45) and Russia (28) continue to perform poorly. Somalia scored the lowest global score of 12, followed by South Sudan and Syria (13), Venezuela (14), Yemen (16), Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Libya, North Korea (17) and Chad, Comoros, Nicaragua and Turkmenistan (19).

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