CU: No progress visible in investigation against BCL leaders

CU: No progress visible in investigation against BCL leaders

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Police complain that university officials do not provide timely information, an allegation rejected by Proctor Nurul Azim Sikdar.

Proctor said CU officials provided information whenever police asked for it. Action will be taken once the investigation is completed.
Of the four incidents, the one that took place on September 7 was the most discussed.

Keeping in mind the accident in the shuttle train, Vice Chancellor Shireen Akhtar's residence, Transport Department, Police Box and Teachers Club were vandalized that day. University officials said it suffered a loss of Tk 32.9 million due to vandalism that day.

University acting registrar KM Noor Ahmed and security officer Sheikh Mohammed Abdur Razzaq filed two separate cases over the incident. CU authorities prosecuted 14 identified persons and over 1000 unidentified persons in the two cases.

The twelve accused persons were leaders and workers of various groups of BCL. They are BCL dissolution committee leaders Shafiqul Islam, Riyad Hussain, Saurabh Bhuiyan, Anisur Rahman, Nasir Uddin Mohammad Sifat Ullah, Anirudh Biswas, Mohammad Azimuzzaman, Anik Das, Imran Nazir, Shakeel Hussain, Deepan Banik and Noor Mohammad.

However, the police have arrested a student named Monirul Islam as an unknown accused in both these cases. Later he got bail. BCL men abducted the student, beat him up and handed him over to the police on the charges of being associated with Chhatra Shibir, the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami. When asked about the progress of the case, Inspector (Investigation) of Hathazari police station Nurul Alam said that the matter is under investigation.

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