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CU to open 2 ultimate departments

Two ultimate disciplines—Pharmacy as good as Persia Language as good as literature–are starting to be introduced during a university.

The authorities of a university Tuesday motionless to open dual some-more ultimate departments.

Acting Registrar of a university Professor Dr Mohammad Safiul Alam told banglanews that a letters of capitulation of a dual departments were come from a university grants elect (UGC) Tuesday.

He added: “We have got dual a letters for opening Pharmacy Department underneath Biology Faculty as good as Persia denunciation as good as Literature Department underneath Arts as good as Humanities Faculty.”

The registrar told that as a Vice-chancellor is right divided in abroad, preference upon acknowledgment in these departments would be taken after his attainment to a country.

At present, there have been a sum of 35 departments underneath 6 faculties as good as 3 institutes during a university.

Besides, Applied Chemistry Department was non-stop this year.

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