Dead woman may give birth!

Yes, technically it is possible. A court in Israel has apparently approved this.

Last week a 17 year old school girl died in a car accident, her family gone to court seeking

permission to collect egg from her ovary. The court approved it, and her egg was collected

with her other organs. Other organs were collected for donation and egg for fertilizing.

But the Israeli court ordered that the family of the 17 year old girl have to prove that she

had expressed her desire for child in her life time. But now her family members have changed

their mind and not interested any more.

Collecting sperm from dead men who have given consent prior to death is fairly common in the

United States, but egg collection is not.

Last year judges and doctors downed a request for egg collection from a brain dead air

hostage on the ground that she didn’t express her desire to have a child before her heart


In spite of considerable technological advancements pregnancy in this type of artificial

harvesting is not certain, sperms of eggs are preserved under very low temperature and in

suitable time fertilization is done, another woman give birth of the child.

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