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Delhi high court fuels EVM debate

The Bangladesh Election Commission is planning to increase the use of electronic voting machine (EVM) in elections. Ruling party likes it, but on the other hand the opposition saying it is not tamper proof and there is scope of manipulation. In a nutshell they are opposing EVMs. This is why the election commission was compelled to use traditional method in parliamentary elections, though they have used evms successfully in local elections.

The election commission is very keen to use evm, they say evm reduces cost and increase efficiency. EVM makes counting very simple.  Technical experts involved with the evm argue that the microchip used for evm is obviously tamperproof.

The opposition is arguing, even the developed world has abandoned evm, why Bangladesh election commission is liking it so much? Even evm chip manufacturer Japan is not using evm for the possible chance of error.

Now the Delhi high court has ordered the Indian election commission to use either paper trail or go back to old ballot system.

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