Dengue fever is spreading in the capital

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Mosquito born viral disease Dengue fever has started to spread this year. At least five dengue patients have admitted to several hospitals of the capital in last 24 hours. According to official data, 130 dengue patients were admitted to different hospitals of Dhaka form 1st may to 29th May. Two mosquito species, Aedes aegypti and Ae. Albopictus spread dengue and chikungunya. These mosquitos are different from other mosquitos. They like to lay eggs on clean water hence dengue and chikungunya fever spreads mainly in rainy season.
More than five and half thousand people was infected in the year 2000 and 93 of them died. Chikungunya was also like epidemic in 2017. But experts are saying, now people are more aware and doctors know treatment procedures much better than 2000 epidemic. In most of the cases patients do not need to be hospitalized, they can stay at home. Patients need to drink ample water and paracetamol is the only prescribed drug. Paracetamol suppository can be administrated for very high fever. Usually this viral fever cures within ten days. But in case of hemorrhagic fever when patient starts to bleed, urgent hospitalization is advised.

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