Dengue on the rise in South Asia as the planet warms

Dengue on the rise in South Asia as the planet warms

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Dhimal of the NHRC in Nepal said that no official alone can stop dengue as mosquitoes are found everywhere from garages to corners of houses which are beyond the reach of the government.

“Everyone should be aware and proactive and contribute their bit to control the spread of the vector,” he added.

Civil society and development organizations are also helping to combat the disease.

Sanjeev Kafle, head of the Bangladesh delegation of the International Red Cross, said it was helping to raise public awareness, purchase test kits and increase the availability of platelets used in blood transfusions to treat some patients.

Yet when it comes to obesity treatment, ordinary families face high costs. Researchers at Dhaka University’s Institute of Health Economics have warned that total medical expenses for dengue patients could exceed 10 billion taka ($91 million) this year, up from 4.5 billion taka ($41 million) in 2019.

Dhaka resident Akhtar Hussain spent 60,000 takas ($545) on private hospital care for his daughter Ayesha Tabassum Takwa, who eventually died of dengue last month at the age of 10.

Hussain broke down while talking about his love for learning Taqwa.

“Her books, notebooks… all are still on the reading table. (She) will never arrange new books,” he said. “(But) who can we blame and what is the point of talking about it?”

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