Dengue Vaccine: Everything You Need to Know

Dengue Vaccine: Everything You Need to Know

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We need to adopt concrete strategic action. It can be divided into three parts. In the short term, all potential breeding sites of Aedes mosquitoes should be destroyed through search campaigns involving the general public and general mosquito control activities should be strengthened. Carry out routine insecticide resistance testing to determine effective insecticides and expedite the necessary approvals for their use. Bottled spray insecticides available for use by the general public must be tested for their efficacy to ensure their availability. Because the flight range of Aedes aegypti is very short, only 100-200 m. They usually bite and rest indoors.

In the medium term, the use of insect growth regulators (IGRs) such as pyriproxyfen and methoprene and microbial insecticides such as BTI should be considered as alternative larvicides. Surveys should be conducted throughout the year to determine the prevalence of mosquitoes.

In the long term, non-chemical Aedes control methods, which may be somewhat costlier (Rs 50-100 crore) in the initial phase – such as Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes or sterile insect techniques (Sterile Insect Technique or SIT) – may . Agreed. Many dengue-prone countries including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil have been successful by implementing these methods. However, trials are needed to assess the feasibility and potential impact before such methods can be implemented. We are doing some research on Wolbachia with a university in Australia. In the lab, Wolbachia was introduced into Bangladeshi Aedes mosquitoes and we got promising results.

In addition, the development of a dengue vaccine should be funded. So that the opportunity to get cheap vaccines can be taken in case of production license later.

The initiative to set up a separate directorate for mosquito control and research was taken after the dengue outbreak in 2019. No doubt this initiative is commendable. But that initiative was not implemented. Such effective institutions are necessary to control dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

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