Denmark has banned burning the Holy Quran

Denmark has banned burning the Holy Quran

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Denmark’s parliament on Thursday passed a law making it illegal to burn the Quran in public places, aimed at reducing tensions with Muslim countries following Danish protests during which Islam’s holy book was burned, sparking outrage. was born.

Several public protests took place this year in Denmark and Sweden, where anti-Islam activists burned or damaged copies of the Quran, leading to calls for Nordic governments to ban the practice.

According to Justice Minister Peter Hammelgaard, more than 500 demonstrations have been recorded since July, including the burning of Qurans or flags.

“Such demonstrations could harm Denmark’s relations with other countries, our interests and ultimately our security,” Hammelgaard said.

Denmark has tried to balance constitutionally protected freedom of expression, including the right to criticize religion, and national security, amid fears that burning the Quran would trigger attacks by Islamists.

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