Destiny properties to be confiscated

A multilevel marketing company Destiny 2000 managed to attract many people in Bangladesh. They collected huge amount of money from common people luring abnormal profit against their investment.

As it was a multilevel marketing company its members were asked to bring more people so that they can profit from membership.

Destiny marketed some peculiar products like plants. People paid money for future trees.

Later a Bangladesh bank probe found many irregularities in Destiny activities. Destiny was doing banking without permission from the central Bank. Later cooperatives department, commerce ministry and anti corruption commission also came forward to investigate.

It was revealed that top destiny officials have transferred money from destiny fund to their personal account. Destiny was also involved in money laundering.

Now a Dhaka court has ordered to confiscate all movable and unmovable properties of the Destiny group. Some top people including chairman and his wife’s properties will also be confiscated under this order.

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