Dhaka is the capital of Islamic culture

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In 2004 Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ((ISESCO) taken a ten year long program to highlight

Islamic culture and establishments around the globe. At that time it was decided that Dhaka will be celebrated as the

capital of Islamic culture of the Asian region in 2012.

Dhaka is a city of mosques; no other cities in the world have so many mosques like Dhaka. Dhaka has a history of more than

four hundred years. A lot of mosques were built; many of the structures have historical importance.

Now Dhaka has the opportunity to draw attention to its mosques and rich Islamic history. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina

inaugurated the celebration programs on 14th July. These programs will have several phases and will continue till November.
Cultural tourism, exhibition of artworks, foods, books, calligraphy and symposium on Islamic thinkers are among the

celebration programs.

For the Arab region Najaf city of Iraq and for the African region Niamey of Niger is being celebrated as the capital of

Islamic culture this year.

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