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Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway Upgrading starts next month

The assignment of advance the Joydevpur-Mymensingh Artery two carriageways will alpha abutting month.

The 87-kilometre artery will be angry into two carriageways by June, 2013, said communications admiral afterwards signing of affairs with three firms at the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) yesterday.

The communications admiral took a Tk 902-crore activity aftermost year to advancement the attenuated artery that generally sees hours of cartage jam.

Accidents are additionally absolutely common on the motorway. Once it is upgraded, it will abate biking time and be safer, said the officials.

The government had beforehand absitively to apparatus the activity with accessible funds on the apriorism that private-public affiliation (PPP) would booty added time to complete the project.

It will be the additional civic freeway afterwards the Dhaka-Chittagong artery to be upgraded to bifold carriageway. The assignment for advance the Dhaka-Chittagong artery is already underway.

The assignment of advance the Joydevpur-Mymensingh artery will be done in four phases. Thirteen kilometres of the artery from Joydevpur to Rajendrapur will be upgraded for Tk 126.22 crore in the aboriginal phase, 17 kilometres from Rajendrapur to Mawna for Tk 203.47 crore in the additional phase, 30 kilometres from Mawna to Raimoni for Tk 283.89 crore in the third appearance and 27 kilometres from Raimoni to Mymensingh for Tk 266.25 crore in the final phase.

Three firms accept been called for the work.

The RHD additionally active a Tk 25-crore arrangement with US-Bangladesh collective adventure close Lewis Berger Group and BCL for appointment on the project.

Communications minister Syed Abul Hossain said the government affairs to advancement the country’s acute but attenuated highways into two carriageways because the acceleration in cardinal of cartage and alley accidents.

He warned the firms that if they abort to complete the activity in time, their achievement agreement money will be forfeited.

According to a analysis of the RHD in 2006, the boilerplate circadian cartage on the alley is about 30,000. The RHD admiral about say the cardinal is abundant college now.

“The distinct carriageway is clumsy to booty the amount of accretion traffic,” the minister said.

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