Dhaka University housing crisis: Leaders stay in halls even after scholarships end

Dhaka University housing crisis: Leaders stay in halls even after scholarships end

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Bejoy Ektar Hall was inaugurated in 2013. Consisting of two 11-storey buildings, it can accommodate 1000 students. But in reality almost double the number lives here. Different floors of Meghna Block have large recreation rooms for television and games. One such room on the fourth floor is used as the 'Gono Room'. It is considered to be the largest 'Gono Room' of Dhaka University.

On a recent visit to this 'Gono Room' of Bejoy Ektar Hall, rows of beds were seen on the floor. Trunks stood near the bed where students kept their clothes and books. A narrow space was kept for movement. After talking to the students, it was found that about 150 of them live here. Most of them are in the last part of first year. There are four 'blocks' in this room, each under a student league leader. Students join the hall through the followers of these four leaders and are accordingly assigned a block in the room.

On going to F Rahman Hall, it was found that there was 'Gono Room' on the ground floor. Due to insufficient space in the room, students keep their trunks in the verandah. On entering a room it was found that the entire floor was covered with bedding. There is no study table. Either you study on bed or in the hall reading room. The occupants of this room are second and third year students.

Some students here, on condition of anonymity, said that they have been living in these cramped conditions for more than a year. They can hardly sleep because of the bedbugs. Then there are the mosquitoes. When in the first year he was not allowed to enter the reading room of the hall. Now they can.

These students say that the situation will get worse when new students are admitted. Many are still stuck in the halls even after they have completed their student studies. If they go away then the crisis will reduce to some extent. But the hall authorities are not taking any steps to remove them.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, Sir AF Rahman Hall Provost MD Rafiqul Islam said that on the instructions of the Vice-Chancellor, information is being collected on who is staying in the hall despite the scholarship ending. After that steps will be taken. He said, for a long time the control of the hall has been not in the hands of the administration but in the hands of the student organization.

Referring to his earlier experience as a residential teacher in a hall, Professor MD Rafiqul Islam said, “When we try to evict people living illegally in the halls, an invisible wall is erected. Is. In some cases there is political pressure.

After talking to the students, it was found that the 'Gono Room' of Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall was comparatively better. But when the hall was visited before Eid-ul-Fitr, at least 14 students were found sitting on the floor in a 'Gono Room' (Room 1102 in Extension Building 1). Students have to regularly participate in the programs of the organization in this room.

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