Dhaka University is failing to attract foreign students

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Dhaka_UniversityOnce Dhaka University was the pride of East Bengal, it was known as the Oxford of East. Some world class teachers were working here at that time. Professor Bose of Physics formularized Bose – Einstein distribution law from here. But those glorious days are gone.

Dhaka University has an International hall named on its founder chancellor P J Hertz. Many foreign students came here to study. But number of foreign students has decreased alarmingly in last ten years. The international hall has 123 rooms but only 63 of those are used by foreign students. Other halls are allotted to university teachers with the approval of syndicate. Only 122 foreign students are staying in the international hall now. Most of them are not Dhaka University students. They are studying at various medical colleges here.

Some senior teachers and officials of the university have blamed the dropping of education standard of the university. Many departments are still not using English as teaching medium. Foreign students are facing difficulties with Bangla.

Moreover the university has no policy for foreign student admission. The education ministry does the work for them. That is not an easy process. The university has recommended for a joint cell for foreign student admission by education ministry, foreign ministry and home affairs ministry.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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