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Dhaka urges for simplifying visa process of India

High officials of Bangladesh and India will hold three meetings in Dhaka on January 17-19 aiming to resolve a number of issues, especially of security, simplifying Indian visa process, enclaves and un-demarcated boundaries and organised crimes.

Issues like implementation of security related agreements, terrorism, border disputes, un-demarcated boundary, adversely possessed lands and enclaves, killing in the borders and curbing of drug smuggling and human trafficking may be discussed in the meetings.

Stopping human trafficking, handover of listed criminals and the existing Indian visa regime will be prominent in the upcoming home secretary-level meeting.

Bangladesh will vigorously take up the issue of visa regime and handing over of the listed criminals who took shelter in India.

Officials said Bangladesh would ask India to simplify the visa process as the current regime has created serious complexity for Bangladeshi nationals to obtain Indian visa and visit the country.

Bangladesh will also stress the issue of handing over the notorious criminals now hiding in India. Like on quite a few occasions, Bangladesh has sent India specific information of around 50 criminals and their hideouts there.

Official sources said Dhaka would host a two-day bilateral Joint Working Group (JWG) meeting and another meeting on narcotics control on January 17-18, and home secretary-level meeting on January 18-19.

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