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Dhaka Vasa MD should be kept in check

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WASA President Gholam Mostofa recently highlighted various irregularities and mismanagement in a TV talk show. Three organizations of WASA officers and employees sent a letter to the Ministry of Local Government complaining against the chairman. Presumably the president of WASA wrote a retaliatory letter to the ministry making allegations against the MD of the organisation.

In a letter to the ministry, Gholam Mustafa wrote, Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WASA) Managing Director, Taksem A Khan has turned the organization into a den of irregularities, waste and corruption and runs WASA in an autocratic style. If it is his personal property. The chairman alleged that Taksem Khan has been in contempt with the WASA board for a long time and it has reached a height. He also accused the WASA MD of non-cooperation with the WASA board, misconduct and violation of the WASA Act 1996.

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