Dhaka’s Celebrity : Mila with her food habit

Mila, one of the most popular singers of Dhaka as well as whole Bangladesh gave an exclusive Interview with a local entertainment magazine. Mila talked about her food habits. Her interview is translated in English and given below as word by word.

“I am not that choosy in case of food habit. I don’t do breakfast at morning. I awake up before lunch time and have my lunch. But I don’t eat rice in my lunch or dinner.  I take some vegetables and rice in lunch and dinner. These are my normal food.  Anything cooked by my mother is favorite to me. In total, Bangali foods are favorite to me. I have weakness over any Bangali food items. Other ways, I take fast food too. In fact, there is no other ways to take any other food rather than taking fast food when I am outside. Therefore, I am to take fast food when I am bound to take it. I also eat Chotpoti. I like it very much. I like Korma Polao with Coconut in the time of EIDs. Beside this, Fruits and normal drinks are some of other favorite food items to me. “

Mila has given some tips about food habit. The tips about food habit are given below:

  1. Eat hygienic food
  2. Drink more water
  3. Avoid fast food as much as possible
  4. Eat Fruits and vegetables as more as you can.

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