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Dholai KhalDholai khal workshops are a wonder of Bangladesh. The workers working here are doing the work which a trained technician would do. In some cases they have astonished engineers. Many workers of Dholai Khal can’t read and write, but they can use instruments like slide calipers or screw gauge. They have learned it from their predecessors.

Dholai Khal has a long history, but Dholai Khal workshops boomed after 1971, when Dhaka became the capital of an independent nation. Vehicles of the capital increased rapidly and workshops became busy with repair works. The talented workers easily copied some techniques used in imported machines. They have decreased dependence on imported spare parts. Not only in transportation sector, Dholai Khal workshops have contributed in many sectors, especially many tools used for agricultural works are made here.

Some entrepreneurs received government loans in the eighties, no further help from govt. and private investment was not seen here. Proper training of the workers would help them to improve the quality of their products. They are not only saving foreign exchange, but also earning some foreign exchange because they have started to export their products. Many workers are already working in different Middle Eastern countries.

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