Stop attempts to 'take over' institutions established by Dr Yunus, calls on 34 eminent citizens

Dr. Yunus gets bail in money laundering case. Breaking News

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According to the negotiations, the employees demanded an advance of 250 million taka as lawyers' expenses. This fund was for this purpose and the employees had given written consent in this regard.

Abdullah Al Mamun also mentioned that the special space in the contract was left blank because employees were delaying opening bank accounts. Later, both parties filed bank account numbers. This was done with consent.

A total of 176 employees of Grameen Telecom filed more than 100 suits demanding their dividends and took the case to the High Court. Grameen Telecom later interacted with him.

According to Dr. Yunus' lawyers, Grameen Telecom employees withdrew the suits in May 2022 after getting payments through the settlement. Later, ACC filed a case claiming the payment was embezzlement.

Abdullah Al Mamun also said that in accordance with the government order, the Department of Inspection of Factories and Establishments (DIFE) issued a letter to the ACC. But they can't do that. As soon as Dr. Yunus raised his voice in this regard, ACC hastily filed a charge sheet against him. He felt humiliated by this.

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