Draft of sexual harassment law made for educational institutes and organizations

Part 1:

Two types of punishment system has been made in this law. Drastic punishment and light punishment are two types of punishment systems have been proposed in this draft law. The law commission has distributed many copies of this draft.

Light accusation:

Presentation or saying anything that is a sign of sex is he regarded as light accusation. to satisfy sexual lust

any appeal or request or showing pornography, showing sexual sign of unusual body movement language or quotation or ill motive to approach or to follow or fun etc. that are not acceptable or unexpected will  be regarded as light accusation. these include some of the things like letter, telephone, mobile, SMS, e- mail and notice, drawing or writing sign, cartoon  on Bench, chair, table, notice board, Office, factory, classroom, toilet, or in any other place, Wall or showing anything pertaining sex will be regarded as the light accusation.

Besides, In order to satisfy sexual desire, peeping specially in places like common room, wash room, toilet etc. Or to compel someone to refrain from taking part in any game, play, cultural activities, organizational work etc. due to gender difference, will also be regarded as light accusation.

Serious accusation:

Any sex appealing behavior, directly or using sign such as: Physical touch or any such attempt. Trying to establish sexual relationship with anyone by applying organizational or professional influence. Capturing still picture or video, storage, display, distribution, broadcast or publish in order to blackmail or to destroy chastity. Trying to establish sexual relationship with anyone by deceiving frightening or providing false assurance. Threat or pressure being rejected in love appeal. Besides, refrain anyone from promoting or preventing exact result in exam or any other facility is also regarded as Serious accusation.

Keep watching for more in part 2: these are Punishment, committee making, and investigating method etc

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