Eat less, says commerce minister.

Few years ago a minister Mr. Nazmul Huda was criticized for his comment that, city dwellers should practice walking. He proposed this as a solution of traffic congestion in Dhaka.

Many at that time questioned does, the minister walk? Are the footpaths of the city accessible? What the government has done to improve the footpaths?

Now commerce minister Faruq Khan asks the consumers to eat less, he says, it will reduce health risk due to food adulteration and halt the price hike. Even it may decline the price.

The minister also said, less eating don’t kill.

That’s the basic formula of economics, ‘supply and demand’, if we eat less decreased demand will cause fall of price.

He was speaking at a discussion on ‘Food adulteration: how to check it’ organized by a non profit organization Voluntary Consumers Training and Awareness Society.

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