Eating litchi on an empty stomach can be harmful

Eating litchi on an empty stomach can be harmful

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Litchi is one of the most popular summer fruits in the country. Since this fruit is available in the market for a very short period, it is consumed in large quantities within a limited time.

Due to the high amount of fluid in litchi, it fulfills the water deficiency in summer. Apart from this, it contains two different antioxidants – 'epicatechin' and 'rutin'. These components work to protect from heat. Litchi is very beneficial for health because it contains many types of vitamins and minerals.

The fiber and water present in this fruit keeps the stomach full for a long time and due to the absence of fat in it, weight does not increase. At the same time, different elements of litchi help in reducing wrinkles, signs of aging and cleansing the skin.

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