Eighty percent women and seventy six percent female students are abused in Bangladesh

female abuseSome studies published in recent months have stunned many Bangladeshis. A government study conducted by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics said, most of the women in Bangladesh including urban women are abused and they are mainly abused by their close ones. Many are abused by their husbands. Many family members abuse their female members; husbands beat their wives, sex with them forcefully. Most of the women said they are beaten by their husbands in life. Many women have accepted it as their fate. Most men believe they have the right to beat their wives.

UN report says, eighty percent of Bangladeshi women are abused and violence against women is abnormally high in Bangladesh. Another UN study conducted by UN Women says, seventy six percent female students of university level are sexually harassed in their campus. Many students are not complaining it to the authority due to lack of proper facilities and awareness. These harassments include vulgar comment, touching, sending vulgar SMS, threatening after refusal of love, etc.

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