Ekushey Boi Mela: Catering to All Readers

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Participation of publishers and assorted organizations at the Ekushey Boi Mela is anytime increasing. To board them and the thronging visitors, the authorities accept understandably added the cardinal of stalls from 505 in 2010 to 556 this year.

Besides publishing houses, there is a advanced ambit of stalls apery altered organizations: government, non-government, socio-cultural, political, autonomous and alike accumulation media and abounding others. All these accommodating organizations and the sea of visitors accept angry Ekushey Boi Mela into an accident clashing any other. With the attendance of arising and acclimatized poets, writers, litterateurs, intellectuals and cultural personalities, the fair is accepting recognised as a hub area one can accommodated bodies who allotment the aforementioned interests and affect him/her.

In our country, the Boi Mela is possibly the best broadly covered anniversary by the accumulation media. Logically, it is an break back journalists, photographers and editors accommodated anniversary other, alive about the aisles. Expressing his acknowledgment to the journalists who accept been autograph about the mela, Murshiduddin Ahmed, agent administrator of Bangla Academy, said, “The Media Centre, a few yards to the arctic of Advice Centre, amid at the west ancillary of the Bardhaman House, serves as a antecedent of advice for journalists.” However, on brimming evenings, abnormally during the weekends, accepting to the advice centre becomes a challenge. And if you are on the attending out for a accurate book and do not apperceive the name of the publisher, you ability end up demography an backbreaking airing through all the aisles and appear out after award it.

With crowds basic in advanced of the rows of book stalls, the air in Bangla Academy bounds becomes blubbery with an about blurred beachcomber of dust in the affable biting evenings every year. The readers are, nevertheless, agog about their favorite authors’ works.

The arrest of Prerona, an organization alive for the visually impaired, seems to annoyance the concern of abounding with its accumulating of books printed in Braille. A apprentice of Eden College, Jannatul Naim, who was captivated in account a book printed in Braille, bidding her acknowledgment to Prerona for demography this admirable step. Nazia Jabeen, a affiliate of Prerona, said: “It’s actual adverse that [before Prerona] no one has anytime taken any action to set up a bend for the visually broken readers at Ekushey Boi Mela.” Prerona has already appeared eight books by eminent writers in Braille. To accurate his adherence with the organization, acclaimed columnist Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal has authorized [royalty free] Prerona to broadcast all his books in Braille. Prerona will additionally organize a cultural programme at the Bangla Academy bounds tomorrow [February 27] area Dr. Iqbal will duke over one of his books to them.

On the outskirts of Boi Mela, one notices massive bags of books with blatant covers on the pavements. An absorbing arrangement of accepted foreign/Indian writers’ books can be begin here. Bangla translations of all-around masterpieces, books on assorted strands of Islam, and added can additionally be begin here. Bodies additionally accumulate about makeshift aliment stalls affairs chatpati, phuchka and an accomplished lot of added artery food.

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