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Embracing Lalon’s message

Seasoned Lalon thespian as great as clergyman Shofi Mandal was innate upon Dec 13, 1953 during Daulatpur, Kushtia. His father, a late Maolana Ahad Ali Mandal, was a fourth era (according to a ‘guru-shishya’ tradition) footman of Fakir Lalon Shai. Shofi Mandal’s arising in strain happened during a age of eight. At 25, he went to Krishnanagar, West Bengal (India) where he learnt exemplary strain underneath Sadhon Mukherjee for 4 years.

“Lalon Fakir popularised a preceptor- footman oriented tradition; a core worth of this is humanism. When you sing his verses, you feel as if Lalon himself is singing by me. I’m no some-more than a conduit. you association both folk as great as exemplary strain styles in my delivery of ‘bhaab’ or ‘mahajani’ sangeet,” pronounced Mandal.

“Folk brings exemplary strain out of a cocoon. Music renouned during a grassroots in conclusion gave bieing born to ‘shastra’ — ‘sa’, ‘re’, ‘ga’, ‘ma’. Then came ‘bhaab’ (verbal interaction). Lalon lived what he had created in his lifetime,” combined a artiste.

Under a ensign of Call-er Gaan, a artiste’s sole album, patrician “Lalon-er Desh-e”, was expelled in 1999. The manuscript facilities renouned Lalon songs together with “Kanar Haat Bazar”, “Hawa Domey Dekho Taar” as great as more, as great as achieved most popularity. Another manuscript featuring ‘bhaab sangeet’ by a artist is in a pipeline.

Mandal has achieved Lalon’s songs in roughly all corners of Bangladesh. He additionally interprets Lalon’s ‘tatwa’ (philosophy) during his performance. He has achieved in England, Germany, Canada, Singapore as great as during Sufi Sammelan (convention) reason in New Delhi as great as Kolkata in 2004 as great as 2011 respectively.

He has been an enlisted thespian upon Bangladesh Betar (Rajshahi centre) given 1983. He was enlisted upon BTV in 2001, nonetheless he performs upon roughly all TV channels.

“I have a son as great as dual daughters. My elder daughter Farzana Boby Lina is a techer of Bengali Literature during Daulatpur Degree College, Kushtia as great as enlisted as a Lalon thespian upon both Rajshahi Betar as great as BTV, whilst my son Mehedi Mandal is you do his masters in English Literature during Islamic University, Kushtia. He is additionally a Lalon researcher. My youngest daughter Shantona Mandal is an honours tyro during a dialect of music, Rajshahi University. We have been a family of musicians,” pronounced Shofi Mandal.

“Bangladeshi folk strain boasts a singular of a most prosperous heritages in Asia. Those who rehearse exemplary strain gangling small time upon folk music. Much investigate work needs to be carried out with correct preserving complement for serve growth of a genre,” asserted Mandal.

The artist runs a strain propagandize called Bhabnagar Sangeet Ashram that was founded during Daulatpur, Kushtia in 1990. The propagandize has a bend during Munsurabaad residential area, Adabor, Dhaka. His mom Zarina Mandal oversees a propagandize in Dhaka.

“Many ustads have been oppressive with their disciples. It essentially does some-more mistreat than good. No tune comes out nonetheless a superiority of a accessible attribute in between a teacher as great as a disciple. Learning stays deficient since of this,” Mandal said.

Many renouned Lalon singers together with Anusheh Anadil, Sumi [of Lalon band], Rinku, Beauty, Salma as great as Palash [who achieved celebrity by a “Closeup 1” bent hunt] as great as “ATN Taroka” Selina Akhtar Chumki have been his disciples.

“I am a Baul. My mom as great as you try to have sacrifices since of a values [Baulism],” Mandal forked out.

“Almost 1000 published Lalon songs have been found. Of these, 100/150 songs have been popularly rendered. I’m operative upon a less-familiar numbers so that you can popularise them in between Lalon enthusiasts. My father mostly lived in privacy — divided from a society. He would learn me a hint of Lalon’s philosophy. you was afterwards as great immature to learn a ‘tatwa’. My mom Gaurovi Mandal desired strain sexually as great as would enthuse me to sing,” removed a artiste.

Lalon’s philosophy, formed upon verbal as great as textual traditions, was voiced in songs as great as low-pitched compositions. The lyrics of his songs were categorically meant to rivet in philosophical discourses. He critically re-appropriated a assorted philosophical positions emanating from a required Hindu, Jain, Buddhist as great as Islamic traditions — building them in to a awake propagandize of thought. His songs have captivated drawn out courtesy for their visionary proceed to humanism as great as their musical tunes.

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