Excavator seized

According to Bangladeshi law any one may own land, but he can’t do whatever he wants there. If mineral resource is found in his land, that is states property.

Government will use that resource for the welfare of people. Similarly the environment law permits a man to own a hill but do not permit him to excavate its earth.
The environment activists say, hill is important for environment and it should be conserved. Government also agrees and do not allow any one to destroy hill.

But rising population of the country is creating increased demand of land for production of food and accommodation. So many hill owners are violating the hill conservation rule to earn money.

Fajal Kabir is a hill owner of Amir Khil area of Raujan Upazila at Chittagong. He was excavating hill using excavator. Yesterday environment department conducted a raid in this area, all the workers managed to flee, but that excavator is seized.

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