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Eye for eye

We know about the tragic incident of Dhaka University teacher Rumana, who was a victim of domestic violence by her husband, and lost her both eyes. We don’t know what will be the punishment of the culprit. What should be his punishment? Blood for blood, eye for eye?

A court in Iran approved this eye for eye punishment. A man of 19 was repeatedly harassing a woman of 24. Seven years ago the man Majid Movahedi threw acid on the woman Bahrami after she refused him to marry, which disfigured her face and blinded her completely. In 2008 a court convicted Majid Movahedi and sentenced an eye for eye punishment by pouring acid. It was due to be carried out in May 2011, but postponed amid criticism from different human right organizations. But it was due on Sunday.

Many Iranians believe it’s the justice, an exemplary punishment like this will refrain others from doing this.

Bahrami changed her mind in the last minute and decided to stop this punishment, but the culprit has to pay blood money.

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