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Facebook political advertising in Bangladesh: the risks of disinformation and misinformation

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The matter does not end here. The Meta platform was widely used to spread the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar. The social media giant faces similar allegations in India and it is believed that Meta will not upset the Hindutva government in India.

In the wake of the massive backlash, Meta hired a law firm in 2019 to investigate whether its platform was being used to spread hatred. The next year, in the context of the Delhi riots, the legal firm said that Meta did not take any action to stop the spread of hatred or riots. 50 people were killed in the riots, mostly Muslims. Mata is also being criticized for her role in Kashmir.

Meta attended the US Congressional hearing, but what will the social media giant do to stop the risk of spreading misinformation and disinformation in Bangladesh? Will Meta respond to Parliament’s call? Whether the Parliament will call META for the responsibility of sorting out political disinformation is not yet certain as the laws in Bangladesh do not apply equally to everyone.

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