Father in law is crazy to love of Daughter in law and kill own son for marriage

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The oldest father in law engages to his own son’s wife’s love that is bearing 62 years old. Now the aged wants to marry daughter in law. The daughter in law is agreed to father in law. But Father’s son is the only obstacle for them. That’s why the aged father killed his own son. How incredible? This dreadful crime occurred at the nearby Faridcourt of Punjab of India.
Neighbors said, oldest father Sotta sigh makes affection with his son Rajendra Singh’s wife Zoshobir’s. For this, many times quarrel between father & son due to these triangle relations. The son was extremely angry on the oldest father.
Last Wednesday the neighbors saw blood flow from the criminal’s home. Then they inform to police.
Known to investigation father Sotta Singh kills his son during the time of sleeping by knifing haphazardly. He was a plan to bring away the dead body after cutting. But the neighbors know it due to seeing the following blood.
By asking of police, the killer has recognition about the murder primarily. He also acknowledges that he wants to marry his daughter in law. That’s why he has caused this type of dreadful incident.
Police already arrested the murderer. However, the neighbors astonished by thinking that any father can kill his own son for love to the daughter in law.

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