FBCCI offers recipe to plunge into money crunch

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The country’s peak traffic physique yesterday referred to banks reinvest their enlarge warranted from a stockmarket to benefit plunge into a serious liquidity predicament which is receiving a fee upon a promissory note zone as good as a altogether economy.

The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce as good as Industry (FBCCI) additionally pronounced raising a lending rate following a latest withdrawal of roof by Bangladesh Bank (BB) as good as inflationary vigour have combined serve woes to a economy.

“Banks cannot solve LC (letter of credit) as good as reschedule loan. Many organisations have been confronting difficulties in profitable salaries to their staffs,” FBCCI President AK Azad told reporters during a press discussion during a Federation Building in Motijheel.

He additionally took a appropriate during a banks as good as pick monetary institutions which done large distinction — Tk 8,000 crore — from a stockmarket business, though have been you do zero for a tiny investors.

The FBCCI boss gave a recipe which includes capping a lending rate, reviewing CRR (cash haven requirement) as good as SLR (statutory liquidity ratio) hike, as good as interlude devaluation of a taka to benefit a manage to buy strike this vicious juncture.

The peak traffic physique additionally diagnosed a reasons for a latest stockmarket disturbance as good as blamed bad supply opposite outrageous direct as good as fast enlargement of businessman banks as good as brokerage houses opposite a country, for a outrageous tumble in batch prices.

“Every bank done enlarge from a collateral marketplace operation final year. Now they should come up to reinvest,” pronounced Azad, additionally a executive of a in isolation blurb bank.

Saying which a monetary institutions have done a distinction legally, a FBCCI boss called upon a supervision to move behind those institutions to reinvest in a stockmarket.

“The Bangladesh Bank (BB) as a regulator can take a lead along with a financial ministry, Securities as good as Exchange Commission as good as a batch exchanges,” he told reporters.

The traffic physique additionally stressed offloading of shares by state-owned enterprises as good as multinational companies.

Azad urged a executive bank to examination a latest travel in CRR as good as SLR to residence a ongoing liquidity break in a economy.

On a taking flight lending rate, he asked a BB to top a roof for a consequence of a economy.

“The opening in in in between lending as good as price of comment contingency not surpass 3 percent,” he said. Azad additionally urged a authorities to ask a banks to set their sectoral loan targets.

The FBCCI additionally voiced regard over a one after another devaluation of a taka opposite a US dollar. Azad referred to a little pick unfamiliar currencies could be deliberate for unfamiliar sell exchange instead of a singular banking — a US dollar.

Senior bureau bearers of a FBCCI were additionally benefaction during a briefing

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