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yabaNoted film director Kazi Hayat is planning to make a film on yaba addiction. Name of the film may be ‘Neshar Chhobole Somaj’. Yaba is a big concern in our society nowadays. This drug is virtually destroying the young generation.

Kazi Hayat believes we do not need to follow Bollywood. Following Bollywood is destroying our film industry. Our film should represent our society. It will bring people to hall again. Directors have a social responsibility to do something to raise social awareness on drug addiction.

Kazi Hayat’s first film ‘The father’ was released in 1978. In his three decade long career he has directed forty eight films. Kazi Hayat’s latest film ‘Eve Teasing’ was a also on social issue and it was a successful one, when other commercial films are struggling to get success. This vastly experienced director welcomes application of modern technology in film, but he emphasizes of authenticity of the story of film. Films must talk for the society.

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