Fire at Dhaka EPZ

EPZ (Export Processing Zone) is a special area in Bangladesh for local and foreign investors. Investors enjoy some infrastructural and tax relief facility here.
A deadly fire broke out in a readymade garments factory of Dhaka EPZ this evening, which is located on the outskirt of Dhaka. Four female workers died and many workers were injured. At least forty five of them are taken to hospital. Later ten of them were referred to various hospitals of the capital for their critical conditions. Most of the injuries were not due to burn or smoke, many of the panicked workers jumped from different floors of the factory which resulted severe injuries.

Fire broke out from the ground floor of the factory. More than one thousand workers were indie the factory.

Firemen from Dhaka, Dhamrai and Gazipur jointed their fellows in Savar to douse the fire. Industrial police have joined the rescue operation. Many trapped workers are rescued by the firefighters. More workers are still trapped inside the factory till last report came in.

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