First International Disability Arts Festival begins in Bangladesh

First International Disability Arts Festival begins in Bangladesh

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On the first day, guests were invited to attend and watch five theater productions: '71 in Silence' by Ramesh Meiyappan, 'Circus Circus' by Mustafiz Shaheen, 'Tribeni' by Qazi Nawajaba Ahmed and 'Kendra Borbor' by Isha Shurongotir Naam Prithibi' by Yusuf and Rafiqul Islam, and 'Wasteland – A Journey' by Sanjay Ganguly, Director, Jan Sanskriti Center for Theater of the Oppressed, Kolkata.

The first day featured a panel discussion titled 'Disability Representation in the Arts Sector', which addressed the under-representation of people with disabilities in many sectors of society, including the arts.

On the closing day, the remaining five theater productions will be: 'Otopor Karim Baoli' by Shamim Sagar, 'Shongoti' by Samiun Jahan Dola, 'Kajol Rekha' by Al Zabeer, 'Pitrigon' by Dr. Aamir Zaman, and 'Shwapano' by Ashim Das Say'. Participants can take part in two panel discussions: 'Breaking down barriers to accessible arts' and 'Funding inclusion for disability arts'. The panel discussion titled 'Breaking Barriers for Accessible Arts' will identify and address the barriers that people with disabilities face in accessing cultural and artistic opportunities.

Minister Dipu Moni said, “Although people with disabilities face various physical and mental challenges, most of them are no less capable than others in terms of intelligence and creativity. In fact, in many cases they are more creative than others if we can create opportunities for them. On behalf of the Government of Bangladesh, I would like to thank and congratulate the British Council, Dhaka Theatre, IID and all those involved in this unique event.

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