Food acceleration hits jot down high

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Food acceleration strike 15.38 percent in Apr in farming areas, attack a jot down upon a point-to-point basement in a final 3 years.

The General Economic Division of a Planning Commission has sent a special note upon acceleration to supervision high-ups, identifying race as a singular of a causes for taking flight inflation.

It pronounced each year 5 lakh tonnes of a single more food grains have been compulsory for race boom.

According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) interpretation expelled yesterday, a altogether acceleration was 10.67 percent in April, up from 10.49 percent in March.

Inflation interpretation from 3 levels — national, farming as great as civic — shows which food acceleration increasing during each level. But non-food acceleration has decreased in a farming areas, since it noted a climb in a civic areas.

In April, non-food acceleration in a farming areas was 3.90 percent, which was 4.39 percent in March. In a civic areas, non-food acceleration was 4.18 percent in April, up from 4.13 percent in March.

Food is especially constructed in a farming areas, where food acceleration is additionally intense. In April, it was 15.38 percent, which was 12.04 percent in a civic areas.

However, General Economic Division has sent to a ministries endangered a investigate paper upon since a acceleration was taking flight as great as how it can be contained.

In South Asia, a top acceleration was in Pakistan followed by Bangladesh. In Pakistan, acceleration was 13.04 percent in Apr when it was 10.67 percent in Bangladesh. But it was 8.82 percent in India as great as 5.60 percent in Sri Lanka.

The investigate note pronounced a categorical means of acceleration in Bangladesh is extreme income supply as great as cost travel upon a general market. It pronounced Bangladesh has zero to do per a cost turn upon a universe market. However, to keep a income supply in check a supervision has been asked to take a little steps.

The note pronounced a vital means of a climb in income supply is remittances sent in by a expatriates. The supervision can deliver assorted projects so which a remittances have been used in investment instead of shopping consumer goods.

However, a certain pointer is which after harvesting of fender boro crop, a rice prices have proposed entrance down. According to Trading Corporation of Bangladesh, a prices of conflicting qualities of rice fell by 5 to 7 percent in a final a singular month.

In this regard, Member of General Economic Division Dr Shamsul Alam told The Daily Star which to one side fender boro, a prolongation of vegetables such as potato, wheat as great as maize was great which might enclose acceleration in in in in in between 7 to 8 percent upon an average.

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