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Foreign Minister Momen’s income falls, assets double: Latest updates on AK Abdul Momen’s financial affidavit

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Additionally, Misbah owns immovable property worth Taka 6.8 million. His wife’s real estate assets include a two-storey house. However, Misbah has a personal loan of Tk 3.75 million.

As far as Zakar Party candidate Abdul Hannan is concerned, he has claimed in the affidavit to be ‘self-educated’ and there is no legal case against him. His annual income is reported to be 360,000 taka, of which movable property is 200,000 taka and his wife’s movable property is 300,000 taka. Hannan’s real estate is valued at Tk 400,000, and he has no outstanding loans.

Islami Oikya Jote candidate Faizul Haq holds a Kamil (Master’s) degree. As a madrasa teacher, he has an annual income of 120,000 taka, movable assets of 158,000 taka and immovable assets of 6 million taka. However, he has a bank loan of 500,000 taka.

Bangladesh Congress candidate Mohammad Sohail Ahmed Chowdhury has a postgraduate degree and a clean legal record. He identified his profession as ‘social service’ and mentioned in the affidavit that he had no income. His movable assets are stated to be 80,000 taka, and he has no immovable property or loans.

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