Forest department will cut 2044 trees, Jashore Road Dev Committee protested

Forest department will cut 2044 trees, Jashore Road Dev Committee protested

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Jashore Road Development and Age Old Tree Conservation Committee sent a press release to the media today, Thursday, in protest. Committee convener Khandakar Azizul Haq and member secretary Zillur Rahman said in the statement that they noted with deep concern and anger that the forest department has issued a tender for the sale of more than 2000 old trees. He condemned and expressed opposition to this imprudent initiative of the Forest Department. Their demand is that the tender notice should be canceled immediately. He has also called upon conscious people to unite against those who destroy the environment and trees.

When asked why the trees were to be cut, the Jashore Divisional Forest Officer of the Social Afforestation Department said. Mohammad Abul Kalam said, “I have issued a written notice in the newspapers about what I want to say. I have nothing else to say.” Regarding the opposition from various organizations and individuals, he said that some organizations can express their views. The schedule for cutting trees has been announced. At present there is no scope to go away from it.

Nitai Biswas, an assistant teacher at Bhaturia School and College in Jashore Sadar upazila, commutes to work every day on a motorcycle along the Chanchra-Bhaturia road. The landscape of mahogany, babala, koroi and so many trees on both sides of the road is captivating, he said. Because of these trees the area is relatively cooler than other places. If these roadside trees are cut, the environmental balance will be harmed. These trees cannot be allowed to be cut in any way.

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