Formalities of Chitmohal’s festival starts

Chitmahal transferCeremony of the festival has been started through a special prayer in Mosque-temple. A uniform celebration has been started from today afternoon at 2 pm in Kurigram at Dariyachora along with 111 chitmohals. Tide of joy of Chitmohal is overflowed. Boat race, discussion and cultural programs are organized in afternoon. Tajul Islam Chowdhury MP of Kurigram-2 and opposite Chief Whip of Parliament was the chief guest. Moinul Haq, secretary at Chitmohal Exchange Coordination Committee of Bangladesh unit and Golam Mostofa, general secretary are presented. A 68 year-long assault and deprivation of the people of Chitmohal will be ended at 12 am on Friday, said Moinul Haq. He also thanked to those who fought for the independence of the people of Chitmohal. He congratulated them from the National Party and the Prime Minister. He also thanked to the Indian Pime Minister Narendra Modi and Sheikh Hasina. Muzaffar said, today is happy day of the people of Chitmohal. We are looking forward the clock, when it will be 12 am and we can say proudly, we are Bangladeshi

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