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Four fold formalin than required is imported in the country every year

formalinFormalin is a solution of formaldehyde in water. It is widely used to preserve biological specimen in laboratory. But it is not at all safe for human health.

But some businessmen are using formalin to preserve food items like fruit, vegetables, milk, etc. Quoting Bangladesh Bank statistics Bangladesh Poribesh Bachao (Save Environment Bangladesh) activists are saying that legal demand for formalin in industry, education and medical field is no more than fifty tones. But the country is importing two hundred and fifty tones of formalin every year.

This demand is indicating the horrific scenario. Formalin is being used in imported fruits like orange, apple, grape and date. Formalin is also used in local fruits like banana and mangos.

Formalin may cause many fatal diseases including kidney failure and cancer. Pregnant woman who are eating fruits for nutrition are giving birth of impaired baby. Spokesman of the environmental movement says, proposed food safety law which is passed by the cabinet is not enough. This law will only encourage using more formalin, because there is no provision for stern action. Use of formalin is like silent mass killing.

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