Friend or foe: where does Africa stand on Russia?

Friend or foe: where does Africa stand on Russia?

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According to its organisers, the upcoming BRICS summit to be held in South Africa from August 22 to 24 aims to pioneer a fairer global governance system and push back the economic dominance of Western countries.

But some observers say Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s absence from the talks could affect his growing influence in Africa.

Russia is one of five BRICS member countries – which also includes Brazil, India, China and South Africa – that count themselves among the fastest growing economies.

The Russian President is currently the target of an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the backdrop of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which has drawn widespread international condemnation.

His potential visit had created a diplomatic and legal dilemma for South Africa, until it was later confirmed that their Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, would lead Russia’s delegation.

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