Fulltime job trap for BD students in Malaysia

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Hundreds of youths are going to Malaysia at the lure of full time job along with completing higher education.

But the offer from the agencies is nothing, but a great deception as Malaysian education system does not allow fulltime job. Moreover, there is a rare chance of part time job.

Moreover, that part time job is also no good at all. Many students have to do household works, or bearer in hotel or restaurant.

Through huge publicity, a number of syndicates in Dhaka and Kualalumpur have been deceiving the intending higher education seekers.

Bangladeshi teachers and students residing in Malaysia have cautioned the intending students to be aware of these syndicates.

At the allurement of these syndicates, several crores of money is spent. But they are not thinking about the money because the money is being drained out from the pockets of intending education seekers.

On the other hand, the syndicates are becoming more powerful with the money of the education seekers. The fraud syndicates are making more innovative traps.

Most of the ‘student visa’ bearers are either labor or job seekers. In this illegal trap, both the genuine students and job seekers are being deceived equally.

These strangers are now forced to lead the life of slave after being deceived again and again.

Luck smiled on few, but not on all. Gradually they are getting ruined from all considerations.

In Malaysian media there are huge reporting against these Bangladeshi agencies and still continuing.

A number of deceived persons have expressed their experiences about these agencies to Banglanews.

The victims have understood the fraud tactics of these agencies after coming over here because these have no connection with any education institutions.

Some of them have been admitted in some institutions having no quality or status. In this way the victims are staying in Malaysia almost illegally.

After coming over here they came to know that education expenses is not less than Taka 3.5 lakh to Taka 4 lakh with additional expenses of meal and boarding. Without any fulltime job they face serious problems.

Sohag Kabir, a Bangladeshi student reading at FTMS college of Kualalumpur, told Banglanews that ‘there is no scope of any fulltime job for students in this country. But the fraud agents misinform the students that in this country Taka 50 thousands can be earned in a month by working 5 to 6 ours daily.’

Sohag told that ‘this is nothing but false allurement. In all cases here all appointments are permanent. The students are not appointed to any permanent post.’

He informed that at the trap of the agents they are put into hot water after coming over here. Many are given part time job where they are to work for twelve hours or more if the owner desires in the residential hotels. So there is no scope of any academic time.

Generally such students who do job for twelve hour daily, they get poor attendance in institutions which hampers there visa facilities.

They are given 20 to 40 Ringgits equal to maximum Tk 500 to Tk 1000 daily for working twelve hours. The monthly income stands at Tk 15,000 to 20,000 which is not enough for meal and boarding charges even.

Rakib, a student of University of Malaya told Banglanews, ‘here in this country it takes 2 to 3 years for completing professional course. Course fee costs Taka 3 lakh to Taka 4 lakh. And the monthly expenditure of boarding and meal charge need another Taka 20 to 30 thousand. However if any one wants to study here he must take this expenditure from his own family.’

He further told that, whereas the Bangladeshi agents are alluring the degree seekers job along with education.

In this way the education seekers are sent to the syndicates who either forcibly held up their passports or abduct them for black-mailing their families and take away lakhs of money from their fathers.

The main object of these agencies is to earn money by alluring the Bangladeshi students. So one must verify this allurement otherwise will have to face serious problems.

Source: banglanews24

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