Gatherings for Viqarunnisa Noon School’s form

Viqarunnisa is known as Bangladesh’s on of the best girls school and colleges. The admission process of this institution is very important to get into it. Guardians, who started queuing up on the Viqarunnisa Noon School and College premises at midnight past Sunday, could manage to collect form on Monday for their children for admission in Class I.
The school authorities started selling form on Sunday and will continue the sale till tomorrow.
Many guardians missed their office while some did not open their businesses for collecting the form.
One of the best institutions in the capital, Viquarunnisa Noon School and College attracts the largest number of applicants for admission every year.
Guardians said their sufferings could be less if the authorities introduced online admission system which has already been introduced in many institutions to mitigate the sufferings of the applicants.
The guardians said the small number of standard schools in the city was responsible for their sufferings.
But Viqarunnisa principal Husne Ara Begum said there was a long queue as the authorities have introduced lottery system this year.
‘As guardians know that this year there will be no irregularities in the admission system, more and more guardians gathered for the form,’ she said.
Yusuf Neyaz, who has been waiting for an admission form for his niece from 3:00am Sunday, finally managed to get a form at 12:00pm Monday.
‘I found a long queue even at 3:00am of the previous day. Some guardians have been waiting from the midnight of the previous day,’ Yusuf told New Age.
Asma Akhter, waiting from 4:00am on Sunday, could collect a form at 12:00pm.
‘I feel lucky that I have got a form — no matter how difficult it was,’ she said, expressing her satisfaction.
Abdul Malek, who could not collect the form on Sunday even after waiting a long time, said, ‘I am not sure whether or not I will be able to manage a form today (Monday).’
He was in the line from 4:00am, he informed.
‘The system is wrong. We would easily submit the form online if there was a system,’ he said, venting his frustration.
‘Despite this hazard, I want to ensure my child’s admission in this school as I have very few options. There is a very small number of good schools in the city,’ he said.
Some alleged irregularities in the process while some demanded extension of the time for collection the form.
‘Some guardians are taking more than one forms and some are getting the form without being in the queue,’ said Rezaul Korim, a guardian waiting for a form.
But the principal turned down the allegation saying, ‘There is no irregularity in the form selling.’
She said that the authorities had not decided yet whether or not they would extend the time for form collection.

Qourtesy: TNA

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