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Girls sexually exploited by the Maoists?

Indian government regards Maoist movement as an anti state activity. But many renowned

citizens and human right activists of India say this is a movement of deprived Indian

citizens. Maoist guerillas are fighting against the government in some parts of the country.

We know first casualty of war is the truth. There is always a propaganda war. Maoists try to

prove that govt. is working against human right values and the government also trying to do

the same.

Recently in Jharkhand Sunita Kumari alias Shanti 22 year old woman was nabbed by Indian

police. She gave a statement before police where she said that CPI (Maoist) leaders sexually

exploit women in their squad. She was once aborted in a nursing home where Maoist leader

Akshay had paid Rs 15,000 and managed her one month rest. She said, she was forcefully taken

to Maoist squad. She also named some other girls who also were forcefully taken and sexually

exploited by the leaders.

Sunita was taken to Chhattisgarh for special training where Maoists blown a police vehicle

killing five police men only to train how to damage the police.

Sunita was wanted by police for different cases including she was involved in making bankers

for Maoists and hiding explosive wire. Sunita also shoot dead a girl when she wanted to

leave the squad.

There may be some questions; like, is she trying to avoid punishment by confessing? This

type of confession by her will definitely help the Indian Government in the propaganda war.

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