Govt. perplexing to raise teachers’ amicable status: preparation minister

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Education apportion Nurul Islam Nahid Monday pronounced a supervision is perplexing a most appropriate to urge condition as well as amicable standing of a teachers by augmenting their monetary supports as well as alternative facilities.

He, however, certified a actuality that it would not be probable for a supervision to exercise such skeleton overnight due to comment crunch.

The preparation apportion came up with a declaration whilst distributing cheques in between a late teachers as per latest compensate scale.

The late teachers-employees of non-government teachers-employees gratification certitude orderly a rite during a National Academy for Education as well as Management (NAEM) in a city upon this occasion.

Addressing a function, a apportion said: The supervision is committed to upgrading a condition as well as amicable standing of a teachers’ village by enhancing a monetary await as well as alternative comforts for a teachers, though it will not be probable to do so overnight in a bad republic similar to Bangladesh since of apparatus constraints”.

Cheques for Tk 3,64,40,669 were distributed to 260 late teachers as well as employees upon this occasion.

Expressing his complete disappointment over a cracked mental condition of a ransom war, Nurul Islam Nahid said, “But a event has come currently to set up a latest moneyed complicated Bangladesh, putting in reserve a black section of a existent poverty, inability to read as well as write as well as corruption.’’

He said, “The categorical role of preparation is to set up up a latest era well-equipped with complicated information-technology systems to lead a republic in structure complicated Bangladesh.”

The programme was additionally addressed, in between others, by member-secretary of a Trustee Board Principal Md Shahjahan Alam Saju, Director-General of Secondary as well as Higher Secondary Education Prof Noman-Ur-Rashid as well as DG of NAEM Prof. Shamsur Rahman. Trust Chairman as well as Education Secretary Dr. Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury presided.

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